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India’s reaction to CEO of Snapchat 

“This app is only for rich people, I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.” –  Evan Spiegal

Right when it’s weekend and we all are ready to make our snapchat story lit, Snapchat’s CEO statement about expansion of app in other countries hit the internet by storm. 

Being Indian, its highly predictable that we are on point with immediate reactions. What happened next, will get you high on patriotism. Go get some popcorn, fellas!

Users commenting on app’s review section is more than just a read. 

This poor iPhone 6S user said it right.
Ever wondered why there’s no option for no stars, no fucks?
And there’s always an Indian way to say it loud.

The twitter like always isn’t keeping calm either. 

Sahil being sharp af.
Ain’t nobody talks sense like Rajababu.
Meethi chhuri, much? Ofcourse.
Ouch! Snake game > Snapchat.

What are you gonna do? Whatever you do, make sure it’s interesting and there’s always Insta story to hold your back. 


Men’s guide to be cool for the Summer | Men’s Summer Fashion 2017

“We’re fashionably cool for the summer.”

What’s the best thing to do after waking up? Dress up like how you want to be treated through out the day. 

This summer, choose a perfect blend of comfort with fashion to do more than just up your styling game. 

Originally a traditional dress form of Japan, The Kimono style now with modern designs, gives you a carefree and max-hippie look! It’s all about over-sized breezy shirts, shrugs and capes. Team it up with a basic tshirt and your favorite distressed denim. 

Kimono shrug : (Kimono for men isn’t huge in India yet) You can order one from or find one in stores.  

Hands down kurtas/shirt kurtas are the comfiest thing you can wear especially in summer. Choose one of a linen/ cotton/ khadi material and stay a good distance away from the embroidered, shiny or blingy ones. 

Kurta : Available on many online stores. 

Since we are talking about comfortability, how can we miss out Longline tshirts? Being the trendiest look of the season the basics are bigger and the staples are over-sized. Team up with a slim fit jeans and your favorite pair of shoes to flaunt that cool guy look. 

Longline tshirts : You can buy from, and

Give your jeans a day off! Invest in a ripped and bleached shorts to team up with shirt, basic tee or tank. Go insane with colors – choose from pastels, washed or dark hues and beat that summer with swag. 

Ripped shorts – You can buy from or or if you’re good with DIYs all you need is an old denim and some craft skills. 

That’s all for this time, let your fashion do the talking! 

Reasons why H&M makes you look famous.

     “The joy of dressing is an Art.”

Don’t you sometimes double tap that outfit on Instagram and wish that it magically appears in your closet? 

At H&M you can give yourself all the love the fashionista in you deserves. 

1) The English Man
Don’t you sometimes wish to dress up like an English Man, carry that rustic cowboy attitude but still look like you belong to 2016? Well then this look is surely going to turn some heads at you, gentleman! 

Hooded Cardigan – ₹2299/-, Basic Black full sleeves tshirt – ₹799/-, Skinny self print denim – ₹2299/- , White sneakers – ₹2999/-

2) The Casual Guy Next Door.
The “comfort zone” is everyone’s favorite place to be. And nothing beats the comfortability of a Joggers with a pair of trendy flipflop. And hey! the studded snapbacks are everyone’s favorite these days. (It also takes care of your bad hair day) 

Ripped Joggers – ₹2299/-, Basic black full sleeves – ₹799/-, H&M flipflop – ₹799/-

3) The Party Animal

Who doesn’t want to look their best on Saturday nights? And what if you have an option to look like you own the fashion crown? A splash of right color on your bottom wear is all it takes to win the game. 

Military green cargo – ₹2699/-, White sneakers – ₹2999/-

Wait, wait! We are just not done yet! Shop for 7000/- and you get a voucher of 2500 free!!! 

Thanks us later, be yourself and make all them staring worth while! 


Model – Jayesh Tawarmalani 

Photographer – Mahesh Jadhav 

Brand – H&M

Other Brands – Hat from Zara, Studded snapback from Street style store, Black leather jacket and tank from Promod. 

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Offline is the luxury you can’t afford. 

How often do you click that unlock button on your phone? 

Is that number equal to the number of people you physically interact with in a day? The answer is No. 

It has consumed you so much like a possessive lover, unwilling to share you with other beings, unwilling to let you raise your head up and have an actual conversation out there. 

The conversation has become texts, the humanly way of expression has become emojis, 

You no more remember birthdays until you get a notification, 

The nostalgic feelings have become so common that they show you your picture of last year and that’s all it takes for you to fall into nostalgia, an image; it starts there and end there. 

140 characters, describes how witty or humorous you are!

A perfect filter portrays how flawless you are, 

The things you share describes how intellectual you are. 

What would you do without being online? How would you prove your existence, express your likes, your support to a community/organization, your love, your hate, your feelings without being online?

Now that I made you think. You know the answer is not easy or maybe the answer doesn’t sync in with this generation?! 
Offline is the luxury you can’t afford. 

Alfredo Pasta in minutes, easy Af.| Pasta Kit 

Food with cute packaging ain’t just irrestible but oh-so-Instagram-worthy, this Pasta Kit by Chef’s Basket is what you should definitely try on of your lazy monsoon Sunday.

Cheesy Alfredo Pasta 

Includes – Durum Wheat Pasta + White Sause + Herbs and Spices + Sea Salt 
Now, you don’t have to be a Masterchef fan to make this Pasta, it’s as easy as making Maggi. 

1) Add sea salt and pasta to 1 ltr of boiling water and cook it for 8-10 minutes. 

2) Strain the water. 

3) Sauté the white Sause in a pan, add herbs as per your requirement (add vegetables like bell pepper, brocolli, corn, if you ain’t lazy like me

4) Add pasta to the cream sauce and stir, until all your pasta is covered with this creamy sauce. 

5) Serve hot. I didn’t really need to say this, you ain’t that stupid. 

Price: Rs. 99/- 

If you’re broke and still wanna try this out?! You’ll get it in DMart for 49/- (must be introductory offer, idk) I’m a fuckin saviour. 

Thanks! ✌🏻️

Reasons Why You Should Get High On ‘Udta Punjab’ | Udta Punjab Review | Shahid Kapoor & Alia Bhatt 

“Udta Punjab has the message and its heart at the right place with crisp and convincing story telling. It is witty, thrilling and engaging.”

The plot of the movie solely revolves around drug abuse, its victims, the system who runs the racket and the willingness to root out this issue. 

Shahid Kapoor (Tommy Singh) who is stoned, abusive and comical in most part of the film, will crack you up with it’s perfect comic timings. This drug addict is the one you might fall in love with and won’t regret. 

Alia Bhatt, a Bihari migrant in Punjab, on her way to fulfill her dreams of a perfect life, falls into terrible circumstances and you would constantly want to see more of her in the movie. It won’t be false to say, Alia Bhatt over shadowed other actors with her brilliant acting, Udta Punjab will surely set a benchmark for her. 

Kareena Kapoor (Dr Preet) along with Diljit Dosanjh (Sarjit) struggles to fight with the drug mafia by their clever investigations. There’s a love angle between them with a twist that you won’t expect. 

Udta Punjab is worth all the hype, it won’t hammer you into solving a social blunder, but will bluntly show the satirical retort to Punjab’s social situation  and drug abuse. 

The only visible cut that I could spot is – Shahid peeing at the mob from the stage which we saw in trailer. 

Getting high on Udta Punjab is legal and you just can’t give it a miss. 

The Last Kiss | Fictional  Short Story | Based on Orlando Shooting Massacre 

 *alarm beeps
He grunts, reach out to his phone on the other side of the bed and snooze his alarm for 10 minutes. 

The phone rings again. This time it wasn’t alarm. 

*Sam calling

Joe’s sleepy eyes instantly brightened up, revealing it’s hazel brown color, he smirked looking at his phone screen and receives the call, 

“Morning Sunshine, aren’t we about to meet at Pulse at 10 tonight?” Sam asked.

Joe works at a 24 hours pharmacy store in a night shift, he has been doing it since he moved to Florida 7 months ago. 

“Only if you’ll twerk for me” Joe chuckled. 

Sam lives at Walton street, stays in a rented apartment that is right next to where Joe works. 

3 weeks ago, it was a Thursday 2am when Sam visited the drug store to get his prescribed sleeping pills, that’s when the sparks flew between him and Joe and the frequent visit to store followed by a coffee date started. 

“Your coffee is on the table, I’m going to the Dollar store, let me know if you want anything..” Joe’s mom said from the kitchen. 

Joe gets up from the bed, stretches his body like a cat up from his nap, pulls up his spongebob boxers that had slide down below revealing his lilac color undie. 

“No I’m not wearing that, it’s the first time I’m going out with him at a party and I have to look extremely like a macaroon, pretty and expensive” Joe said to his friend Angela, who has been giving him advice for his date. 

Joe finally decide upon wearing a white tank top with a black cardigan and that was it, he didn’t want to waste anymore time getting paranoid over his clothes. 

“I’m goin to a party with Sam, will b late tonight. Have ur dinner! Love you ” he texted his mom and jumped into the Uber excitedly, constantly checking himself on his phone. 
The club was beautifully lit, there were people outside hugging each other, happy faces waving to their friends, some walked out of their cars in a Diva attire, while some perfectly toned men walked around making other swoon over them. But I was looking out for someone else, where is Sam? I need to call him. 

5 minutes later, there was a tap on my shoulder, I turned back and the next moment I was wrapped in arms, the perfume was familiar, it smells like harmony of leather, white wood, Amber and cinnamon bark. Sam was hugging me, I was in his arms and I wished it could last for a lifetime. 

The club was crowded like it’s some vanity fair, DJ was bursting Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’. People were laughing, dancing, gathering at the bar, some kissing the tongue out of each other holding their partner against the dim-lit wall. It was all new to me and I was liking it all. 

Sam got me a drink, I later realized it was Vodka mixed with coconut water and it did tasted good and surprisingly refreshing. 

“You look super amazed, kid” Sam said, holding me by waist. 

I couldn’t help but smile, I could feel my cheeks going red by the way he was looking at me with his dark black charcoal eyes, and that James Dean smirk on his face. 

The song changed, people cheered up, the club turned more louder now and for me, everything went from bright colorful lights to dark paradise as I could feel a tingling touch on my lips, Sam was pulling me closer, kissing me while I was losing myself to him. 

Suddenly there was a loud noise, he didn’t let go off me, I didn’t care to see what the noise was. The noise continued, my eyes opened at the terror, it was coming closer, the noise increased with more intensity, there was a sound of agony, glasses were breaking, people were running, loud noise of destruction continued, I was seeing it all but Sam refused to move, he was falling over me, I was unable to breath, I wanted to move but his body was getting heavy on me. 

“Sam move!” I pushed him, his lips parted mine and he fell on his knees and then on the floor, my hand was painted in dark red, my white tank has now stained, Sam has been shot. 

I couldn’t move, the happy dance floor was now covered with blood, the music was replaced by shrieks and moans. I lay there right next to Sam’s lifeless body. 

My mind could think no more, I just wanted to wake up on my bed and end this nightmare, call to Sam and hear his voice again. Everything was getting blur, I could vaguely hear sirens outside the club. I wanted to call out for help but I feel paralyzed. 

I lay my head on Sam’s chest, hoping for the alarm to wake me up.  

A lot many lost the love of their life, parents lost their kids and many are hospitalised, struggling with the battle they didn’t choose. This ruthless act of hate is a scar on humanity. My deepest condolences to the family of the victims, may they get all the strength and support. 

TE3N Movie Review | Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin & Vidya Balan 

“Te3n” a nail-biting mystery tale with a twist.

                    An unsolved kidnapping case of an 8 year old grand daughter of Jhon (Amitabh Bachchan) who decides to trace the culprit himself -beside being dissuaded by the authorities and even his wife. 

Amitabh Bachchan as Jhon plays a perfect grand father in grief, with his undying demand for justice, investigates the case to an extent that he manages to solve the mystery even before the cops. 

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a cop-turned-priest is a perfect match for the character that covers the dark with a cloth of linen. 

Vaidya Balan as a cop portrays a strong woman who knows how to play her cards. There’s also an undertoned relationship angle between Vidya and Nawaz that never interferes with the thrill of the plot.

Director Ribhu Dasgupta wins the brownie for her story telling skills. Te3n is the kind of movie that keeps you on edges, you can’t receive a call and then understand the next scene. Nope! The movie demands your absolute attention. 

The cinematography of the movie will give you major throwback of Kahaani and also some hints of Piku, as movie is shot in Kolkata. The movie has some frames of explicit Kolkata architure that gives the movie the steadiness it needs. 

It’s not always that Bollywood comes with a subtle mystery movie like TE3N and that’s the reason you should go and catch this movie. 

Watch the trailer here : 

Punjab Drug Epidemic Explained | Udta Punjab | Anurag Kashyap 

There’s a lot of controversy going on about ‘Udta Punjab‘ and the conflict between director Anurag Kashyap and the censor board. 

Here’s what all the fuss is about; 

Udta Punjab is not just another fictional movie about a drug addict rockstar, it depicts the current situation of Punjab and its drug crisis. 

Punjab – a prosperous state with abundance of resources fell prey to Drug phenomenon and once a state known for its prosperity is now known as the drugs capital of India. 

Reasons being – Punjab youth, who are highly extravagant, taking pride in owning a revolver, driving a BMW and aspiring to either flew to foreign country or becoming an underground rapper. These category of youth are getting highly driven by drugs. 

As surprising as it sounds, there are claims that link politicians with the trafficking of drugs, a dark business run by the ministers and MLAs of Punjab as a source of easy and heavy income. The another reason is an assumption of Narco-terrorism where youths are deliberately being exposed to drugs to get addicted to it. Also the land owners are accused to be supplying raw opium to the farm labourers to encourage them to work harder.

The extent of drug addiction in Punjab is highly alarming. The rate of Herion abuse is as high as 75% among the youth starting from the age of 15. 

AIIMS found that Opioid worth 7,500 crore and Herion worth 6,500 crore are consumed every year in Punjab. Around 2.3 Lakhs of the state’s population is Opioid dependent. Getting any form of drug here is not as difficult as it should be, from Herion to Cannabis, being locally called by code words like Chitta, Badam, etc. 

There is a clear threat of explosion of HIV epidemic among the youths who injects drugs, in the state. And the major victims are the college/university students who do some or the other sort of drug abuse. 

Furthermore, the easily availability and relatively low price of these drugs are also the reason the curious youths fall for drug abuse. During one of the Lok Sabha polls, the authorities seized 800 crores worth of drugs, liquor and other narcotics within the state. 

The number of death rates among youth due to drug abuse is increasing every year, with no particular solid solution to be put into practice, ofcourse the occasional raids ain’t drawing any conclusion to this plague. But how can it be stopped? Will the state ever be drug free? 

For now, the only thing we know is, here’s why ‘Udta Punjab’ is the movie that need to be released with minimal cuts, so that this issue gets acknowledged by masses all over the world.  

Udta Punjab trailer : 

Anurag Kashyap vs Censorboard (Arnab Goswami interviews Anurag Kashyap) : 

Sources : Various research and news articles. 

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